Friday, March 18, 2011

..... is there a cure for this???

Earlier tonight after dropping my kiddos off at their school for a dance, me and Heather wandered over to the new Walmart. We got some stuff to make some salads and then walked back to the housewares where a set of Tri-Clad Tramontina cookware that was highly recommended by America's Test Kitchen, was still sitting on the shelf. Walmart is the only place that sells the configuration that they recommended and I've had my eye on the set, but wasn't feeling the $149.99 price tag. Today however I put it in the cart and thought I'd scan it because I noticed that they had recently reset their modular.. and it scanned $109. now that's a deal!

While walking around some more, I seen a set of three plastic bins on clearance for $3.00, so I bought one set.. I thought I'd put my embossing folders in it because the box I have them in, they had outgrown it.

I have sat here for the last half or or so scrolling through the PC & Sizzix websites getting all the names for the folders and writing the name on each of the folders. The one bin is packed full.
How in the world did I ever accumulate that many embossing folders.. and the many is many, but not number assigned because I'm not counting.. I just know that there are some in that bin that have never been ran through the embossing folder, so that needs to change.

anyways.. I wondered of others had accumulations of craft items and when you pull them all out and put in one place.... you go wow!

Oh.. and to top it off.. I still have a small box full of the smaller embossing folders.. goodness sakes!

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


Linda said...

oh yeah, all the time...

susies1955 said...

Did you take my basket? LOL. I have one full just like that.
You ought to see my fabric, cake pans, cookbooks, nail polish............etc. etc.

Cora said...

I don't have near that many embossing folders and what I have I seldom use. I never go wow because I have everything organized. I love to go to Goodwill and look for little baskets. I also love office supply stores. Funny thing, I seldom go to Walmart! I do like their ribbon by the yard