Friday, March 11, 2011

The chaos in which I create....

I am blessed to have a large stamping room and I will be honest and say that I tend to keep it in a state of messiness at most times.. but I like it that way and I know where everything is. I do stop to put punches away, straighten up stamp sets, clear all them danged dimensionals papers off the desk and pick them off the floor along with all the scraps that don't make it right into the large trash can that sits to my right... I have been working like a freight train making cards lately for Operation Write home and am having so much fun doing so. I was away from making cards for so long because of my shoulder, but after rotator cuff surgery in September and I healed, started back with Physical Therapy, I feel like a million bucks!!!

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


by Pegg Thomas said...

I'm glad your shoulder healed 100%. Hubby has had both shoulders done and I hope to avoid ever needing to! It's no fun, for sure.

Love your stamping spot and I'm also enjoying making the cards for OWH. I'm not as prolific as you are, but I cranked out 8 today. :)

Cora said...

Oh my goodness! Not even room for a cup of coffee! That just wouldn't work for me! lol You certainly manage to make lovely cards and lots of them even in what you describe as chaos.