Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trying hard to make some cards...

I have been trying hard to make some cards.. I am torn between making some "love" cards and some "Christmas" cards. Operation Write Home is collecting Love and Valentine's Day cards for an Archway promotion to send cards to deployed military... yet when I try to make something along those lines, I keep making something that I end up tossing in the trash can because I do not like it at all. I need to make some Christmas cards to send out to family and friends.. all the hundreds of cards I have made this year was all sent to Operation Write Home.

Here are a few cards I made this past week.. one I spent a while on only to smear some ink on it.. I was none to happy with myself after doing that.

The Christmas card I made today... it was fun to make and super easy.

This is the one that got ink smeared on it.. on the left side heart panel.. it was darker and I tried using a white poster paint pen to cover it, but it's still there.

After I had stamped the "adore" stamp on the white panel.. I decided to stamp the "I" to the left of it and then stamped the word "YOU" and cut the letters out to put on the card.

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


Kathryn said...

I really like the simple look of the first card. That embossing folder isn't familiar to me. I guess it's from SU?

I, too, am in the boat of having made tons of OWH cards but I have barely started my personal Christmas cards. I need to start building up a little stash throughout the year so that I always have some of my own cards on hand to send when I need them! It just feels selfish to keep them when you know our heroes appreciate them so much.

Thanks for sharing your talent!

adele holcomb said...

I love all 3 of your cards! Love the simplicity of the Christmas card. The inky valentine is lovely. Could you fix it either by cutting out an additional embossed heart to glue over it either in white or a color...or maybe just coloring it to match one of the ribbons? Love #3 too - all beautiful!

adele holcomb said...

P.S. Make your Christmas cards and don't feel guilty about taking a break from the OWH cards! I too have made most of my cards for them this year and love doing it, but I have to take a little breather to catch up on Christmas and birthday cards of my own.

Donna said...

Pam, Your cards are beautiful! The Christmas card is so elegant. All of your cards look great! The "I adore you" card is adorable and I really like the letters. I know what you mean about messing things up,I do it all...the time. It is so frustrating to finish a card and then smear ink all over it. I know it doesn't help but you are not alone! Your cards are so...nice no one would have known you had any problems making them. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Linda said...

Pam...I am in the same boat as you, almost. I need to get my cards done by Sat and I have only one made...for my mother! Love the 3 cards! The first is really beautiful! TFS!!!

~Chris~ said...

Your Cards are beautiful. I love the Christmas Card.. Very beautiful!

Rachel B said...

I love how you used the ADORE journaling block. I have this stamp and have never used it. I am going to have to get it all inked up now! Thanks for the Inspiration!

(And I am sad you live SOOO far south in TX because you are such a fabulous crafter, I would have loved to live closer!)