Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting on my next round of cards for soldiers ~ St. Patrick's Day Cards ~

The box of Valentine's Day cards that I sent to my husband for the soldiers in his company arrived in Iraq last week. My husband said that by the next day there was hardly any left. I am glad that the soldiers are going to be using them to send to their friends and family.. Steve even said "honey, you'll be getting one, because I'm sending one to you!" ~ that's what their for.

Tonight I started working on St. Patrick's Day cards. I want to get these done and off to Iraq, so I can spend more time on Easter cards and then Mother's Day... and if I can pull it off.. I might make Father's Day cards so that they can receive them there in Iraq and get them off in the mail to their dad's.. they will be returning the end of May and this way they won't have to worry about going out and finding a card and getting it in the mail on time. I'll pace myself, but am hoping to be able to get this done. I am going to be making cards for a unit in Afghanistan as well, so I am going to be busy, busy!

These are some of the cards I made tonight.. the first card in the lower left corner, I do not like at all. My Glorious Green pad needed to be reinked and I didn't like the way it was stamping, so I went to using a different color scheme and like it, so I'll be doing more of them. I need to punch something with my scallop punch to sharpen it up, it's punching sloppy. I need to order some more green cardstock. I just opened the Green Galore and Gable Green packs tonight, but I need lots of cards and one pack of each won't cut it.

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!

God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them

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by Pegg Thomas said...

Wonderful SPD cards. Love the dog tag punch... so clever!