Monday, April 14, 2008

Something for Kids Clsasroom ~ from Brother's Unit in Iraq

Back in December I went to my son's classroom and took "kits" that I had put together for each kid to make a card to send to a soldier. The kids had written letters to soldiers and had made flip books for them as well. I had stamped the Frosty image on white tags, but left the coloring up to them.. we had camo, patriotic, flowered, etc.. Frostys and they all looked so wonderful. The kids assembed the cards with the ribbon, tags, fancy paper and more that I had brought for them.. I had some stamps and wheels with ink pads for them to decorate the base of their cards as well. We had SO much fun! and the cards turned out so great. The kids wrote a note inside to a soldier. We then had three piles for the kids to lay their letters, flip books and cards that they had made.. the dad of one student was in Iraq and the brother of another was there too, along with my son's uncle. I took the three large piles of artwork and letters and then mailed them off each in a priority envelope to all three soldiers.. in February my son's classroom received a package.. and when they opened it they were in awe~ my son came home that day and told me that I HAD to come to school with him the next day to see what his class had gotten in the mail. He was busting at the seams to tell me what it was, but said he wanted me to see it first. I was in awe myself when I seen the beautiful poster that my brother's unit had made for the kids in the class.. and that each had signed it.. my heart swelled up with so much pride and for the joy it brought the kids.. it's something hard to explain ~ each kid was smiling and reading what the soldiers had written.. it had their teacher's name on it and it was for them! Thank you to all the soldiers of the HHC 1st Brigade Combat Team (Bastogne) 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) for your sacrifices each and every day ~ and for putting smiles on each of these children's faces ~ it was priceless.

thanks for looking and reading ~ Pam

God Bless Our Military


Tom said...

This was just lovely Pam!! God bless them all,Elizabeth

Jackie said...

That is just awesome and I know the kids were excited to receive it! It was a wonderful thing you did for the soldiers, and for the children as well - you rock!

Heather said...

Aww that is the sweetest story. God bless our soldiers.