Monday, November 12, 2012

StampersBest Q & A post on their blog.. about ME!!!

I was asked a while back by Susan at StampersBest if I would like to do a blog post with some Q & A's and if I would share some tips on making multiples of cards....  funny thing is that the night before I received her email I was working like a "mad stamper" (though not mad at all) trying to get the cards done to send to the WWII Veterans that were going on the Space Coast Honor Flight to D.C.  I had already finished the 25 "From a Grateful American" cards, along with 40 cards for Volunteers in our battalion... and then I wanted to make 25 more cards, all Veteran's Day cards.  As I was making the cards, I thought to myself that I should do a blog post about things that I do while making multiples of cards.. as I was doing some embossing, I was going to take some pictures, however all the cards for my camera were upstairs and I didn't have any time to stop what I was doing to go upstairs and get it, so I resolved to do it another time.  The next morning I get the email from Susan.. I was at the airport picking up my mom and as I read it I was giggling out loud.    

I am making cards this Saturday with some spouses from a company in our battalion, that has already deployed.   I wanted to make some "patriotic" cards for them to write notes in to send to their soldiers, I also sent some out in the mail to family who are Veteran's for Veteran's Day.

 I was making 25 cards and thought it was the perfect time to take pictures and answer the questions in the email that Susan had sent to me.. I was using one of the fabulous stamps from their website: True Soldier

So here is the link to the blog post on the StampersBest Blog.

.. and here is one of the cards of the 25 that I made:

here they all are:

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them

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