Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watercolor Effect with Direct to Stamp Inking

I received some emails and comments about how I did the image on one of the cards I made for this past weekends OWH~StampersBest BlogSkip and I said I would show how I did this.. but wanted to have all three of the images so I could show the progress from beginning to end.. however I couldn't find that middle image.. and after searching high and low.. I finally found it in a basket of scraps.

The image I used I actually got by accident.. really, by accident.

I had recently received a set of Distress Markers and was getting ready to go to bed one night and thought I'd mess around with them first. I grabbed the stamp I had been working with earlier in the night to stamp some other images that I colored in.. and thought I'd directly apply the ink to the stamp and see how it turned out.

The first stamping was really what I thought it would be.. liked it.. then I thought I'd spritz it with water.. course, all my mini misters are packed up somewhere so I grabbed an empty spray bottle and filled it with water.. spritzed it and stamped.. yikes.. too much.. then I stamped it again and left it and went on to bed.

The next morning when I got up and seen the sheet of watercolor paper laying on the washer where I had left it last night and was like "wow!".. I really like the way that turned out.

These were my images from that night:

Tonight as I started to put this together.. I couldn't remember if I had spritzed the stamp a second time or just stamped it after the second stamping.. so I did it all over from beginning to end.. and not only with Distress Markers but I also used some Stampin' UP! markers as well. You could do this with any waterbased markers. I have some Tombow markers but didn't have a dark navy blue so I passed on using them.

*NOTE: I only inked the stamp once. I then stamped it then I spritzed it with water then stamped and then stamped it again for the third time.



The more the papers dry.. the softer the image looks. I stamped all these images on some 90lb watercolor paper.

Give it a try.. I would love to see what you create.. add your blog here so I can check it out as well as others.

Happy Stamping!!!

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


Cora said...

Very nice! You might also try using a water filled pen. I have the pens but haven't messed around with the markers yet. I am still waiting for my special Ranger paper. I am about to give up on it. I do have both hot and cold press watercolor paper. Just too busy to play with it all.

airbornewife said...

Cora... I bought some of that paper and totally forgot I had it. I'll have to give it a try and soon! ~ Pam

Kathryn said...

Very cool, Pam. I just saved an empty spray bottle for misting and now I know what I can do with it!

Beth L. said...

This is neat, Pam. I don't have the distress markers but I will have to see if I can find something that will work.

Donna Nuce said...

Pam I think that I am the first link to try this technique. Hopefully my link showed up on your page.

Gail S. said...

I love this! Not sure on the third one 'stamp again' Are you using a stamt-a ma-jig and stamping over the first one?