Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some new paper pads I got recently **UPDATED

Oh my goodness...   I surely don't need not a single more paper pad, but I couldn't resist paying only $1.80 for each of the Christmas pads, $1.99 for each of the Sn@p pads, $1.59 for two of the Love Me pads and $1.92 for the other three.. I did spend a bit more for some of my all time favorite My Mind's Eye pads ~ Breeze, spending $29.00 for 5 brand new ones.. and that included shipping.    I can't wait to get busy making some more cards using those pads.

*UPDATE:  I was asked where I purchased these pads at.    The Breeze ones I bought from someone on eBay.  The Love Me pads were all purchased at Michael's.  I have found that they ring up at $2.99 (while most others are $5.99 ~ have a cashier price check them all and see which ones are on sale, these were the ones I was specifically looking for) and I used some 40% and 50% off coupons to score them so inexpensive.   The Sn@p pads were on clearance at Michael's and the Christmas pads were purchased at ACMoore.. they were marked down to $2.00 and our store gives a 10% military discount, bringing them down to $1.80 each.

 Here are some links to some cards I made in the past and have wanted to make some more, but couldn't find the pads anywhere~ along with links to cards I made with other pads as well.

Breeze pads:

The Essence of Love and Happy Birthday to YOU cards

Love Me pads:

Simple Stories Sn@p pads:

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


Becki with an i blog said...

Where did you find pads this cheap? I'd love to have some. I've been CASEing your cards for 6X6's. I'm making cards for OWH also. BUT I am very slow. Getting a bit faster. At first it would take days for 1 card. So anything is better than that. I bought a supposedly 6x6 at Hobby Lobby FarmHouse Paper Brand and it's significantly smaller. Throws all measurements off. Won't be getting that one again.

Tina Holman said...

I was wondering the same thing! Would sure love to know where you found such nice deals on the paper pads. Your cards are great, very striking and love seeing how you are able to make so many - very creative!

Pankti said...

You got the great deal on the paper pads. I also love a good patterned paper pad. In my town(San Jose, Bay Area, CA), we have some specially shops for scrapbooking. They keep one/twice a year flea market kind of a sale where crafters like us sell their own not used or lightly used items. I try to get all my 6x6 paper pads from that sale. They are usually under 2$ or at least I buy the once which are under 2$. I love it that way.