Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I've been up to.. working on 161 Welcome Home S.A.W. cards

Our Battalion will be home soon from a long deployment and I am making cards to go into baskets that go into the Barracks rooms for the single soldiers that live there. I am making 161 of these.

I had originally was going to just do a card front with a printed off thank you on the back.. but then decided to put them on white card bases with a black liner and the thank you attached to it.   This picture above shows 150 card fronts..  the number increased the day after cutting all these and I went back and cut 11 more.

Our Task Force is known as Task Force S.A.W.   ~ Sapper Athlete Warrior and the helmet is a symbol used for the Task Force.    I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut all of the helmets out.  Shown is how I did the stacks of 10 of each of the black layers and then I stacked 10 of each of the red helmets on top of them..  I went back and cut 11 more helmets after this.



Getting them put together.. my Scotch ATG dispenser makes it so much easier..  and will make them stay together for a long time.  Note:  in this picture is the revised sentiment I printed off to put inside the cards..  had added  Task Force S.A.W.  OEF XIII to the sentiment that is in the picture below.

This picture shows what I had typed up and printed out to put on the inside of the cards..  however after typing up and printing out one sheet.. I added Task Force S.A.W.  OEF XIII      see note with image above this one and you can see the pieces in the upper left corner of picture.

My AWESOME Fiskars Procision Paper Trimmer that I LOVE!!!   I have cut thousands of pieces of paper in it and they are just as nice as the first one.    

This must've been when I had started the stacks of helmets..  I had opened a new mat for my Silhouette.. and boy was it sticky.. I kept laying it over the throw on the back of my couch to take some of the sticky away..  even my #100 card stock was tearing.. yike!    no work happens without a cold drink from Sonic.

This is my Silhouette Cameo..  the mat to the left has cut so many things..  yet it still works great.  I can honestly say that these mats are way better than any of the ones I used in my Cricut Expression.  I am so glad that I took the leap and bought this machine..  it is worth every penny.

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


Margaret said...

You have been busy. I have a Cameo too and really love it much better than my Cricut. I use it on almost every scrapbook page and on lots of cards. Thanks for sharing your work.

RitaR said...

I certainly admire the work you do to support our troops. These S.A.W. cards are certainly going to warm the hearts of many service members and their families!

I noticed you mentioned the struggle you had with the stickiness of your new Silhouette mat. I wonder if I could ask your advice about the cardstock that you use with your Silhouette? My hubbie just ordered a Silhouette for me so I'm trying to gather information for it's use. The majority of my cardstock is from Stampin Up; in addition I use Recollections CS from Michaels for layering on cards. Any advice you could provide would be very much appreciated.

God bless you and your family!

airbornewife said...

Rita... you are going to LOVE your Silhouette!!! I mainly use either #80-#100 card stock cover and then Stampin' UP! card stock on my cards. For black layers I buy the inexpensive Michael's paper.

My mat was a tad too sticky when I first opened it up to use the Michael's paper as it all stuck and I had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning off the mat. I should've known not to use the Michael's paper because it's so thin and I just wasn't thinking. I then used one of my sheets of #100 Neenah Eclipse Black and a portion of it stuck and tore where one of the helmets cut, so I laid the mat over the back of my couch on an throw to try and take some of the stickiness off of it and it worked fine after that. I remember seeing Gina K lay her mat on a pillow when first opening it to remove some of the sticky.

I have three mats and am so impressed with the longevity of the mats compared to the Cricut ones that I would use for a few times and the paper would move.

thanks, Pam

RitaR said...

Pam ... Many thanks for your helpful answers to my question!

I'm sure I'll be visiting your blog frequently to get inspiration for Silhouette projects.

Warm hugs,


Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

I cannot even imagine taking on this many cards. Not a simple card, either. Each one so beautifully done. You make good use of your toys...I mean tools. Charlotte