Thursday, September 1, 2011

look at this spread..... getting ready to get all these cards ready for mailing.

I pulled out all the cards that I need to get ready for mailing to send to Operation Write Home. I have a dining room table full.

I laid them all out last night... then tonight I went to the PX to buy some address labels to print off the info onto the labels to affix to the backs of my cards.. I got a deal because they had the spot for the $4.55 packs loaded with $8.95 packs.. when I asked if they had any of the $4.55 ones, the lady said that I could get the $8.95 at the $4.55 price because it was their fault that they were in the wrong place.. well alrighty then.. so I got three packs.

I printed off all the labels and am now working on getting them attached to the cards.

thanks for looking ~

have a great airborne day!
God Bless All Our Military.. each and every one of them


Jennifer said...

O' my goodness Paula....That is awesome!!! I have a hard time making 2 of the same card. I need to make 6 for a swap....this is inspiring.

anotherid4me said...

wow! WOW! What a wonderful assortment! I wanna be like you :-)
(I'm still a beginner slowly building up cards to send - wish my days had 'just' a few more hours, hmmm)

Gail S. said...

So do you print the labels instead of using the OWH rubber stamp?

airbornewife said...

Hi Gail S. I use the stamp too. On the card bases that are dark, I usually use labels.. because I have so many to get ready, using the labels will be easier for me to do. I like to use labels to put handmade by, my name and my email address.. I so enjoy the emails I have received from deployed military members who have received/used the cards. thanks ~ Pam

StampinSher said...

That is absolutely fantastic! Great job!!!

StampinSher said...

That is absolutely fantastic! GREAT JOB!!!